MANAGEMENT | Integral for an efficient and responsible production process


The policy of Fundiciones Garbi defines as strategic line the integration of the company in its environmental and social environment. To minimize the environmental impact of our activity, we deploy important annual plans of action, including: investments, improvements, training, etc.

Optimizing the use of natural resources and recycling the excesses of material in the different processes are the main objectives for our manufacturing processes.

This curiosity drives Fundiciones Garbi in finding integral solutions for the sector. An example of this is its active contribution to the creation of the company Ecofond, whose objective was and still is the recycling of foundry sands.

Since 2008 Garbi owns the Integrated Environmental Authorization, and is currently developing the needed actions to meet the requirements established by norm ISO 14001:2004.

Workplace Health and Safety

Garbi is totally committed to its workplace´s health and safety in order to improve their work conditions and to preserve the health and safety of our workers.

Our management system for the Prevention of Occupational Risks is based on preventive actions and continued improvement . The integration of prevention inside our processes and management systems, consolidating it as a fundamental pilar of our values, defines what we are.

OHSAS 18.001


Preventive mind: Fundiciones Garbi defines its processes in order to fully meet the specifications of our current and future clients.

We use preventive tools to avoid the deviation (PFMEA, Simulation, TPM, SPC), and we apply tools to resolve problems when they appear (CCAR, 8D,…). Anticipating the problem and learning from mistakes in a constant cycle of improvement, based on the integration of all the departments of Fundiciones Garbi.

As result of different projects of R&D, Garbi offers an automatized process with: integrated Control Plan, POKA YOKE process systems and a predictive analysis of the production process...

In process: DNV, DB Bahn, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18.001

R&D and Innovation

Search of new solutions to improve our services to clients. This objective encourages the development of research lines in new materials, innovative processes and the management of predictive processes. Always proposing improving scenarios to give answers to the future of our clients.

Research lines we have introduced to our productive process.

Thus, we closely collaborate with reference national and internationalTechnology Centers and Universities relying on technology and engineering providers.

Título / DescripciónPeriodo EjecuciónMiembro - RVCTI - ColaboradorApoyado por
Nuevas Elasticidades de Fundición gris2008 - 2009IK4-AZTERLANMinetur – Profit,
Gobierno Vasco – Gaitek
Diseño y Desarrollo de Sistema predictivo2008-2009IK4-AZTERLANMinetur – Profit,
Gobierno Vasco – Gaitek
Estudio y Optimización del Proceso de Obtención de Fundición Vermicular2009 – 2010IK4-AZTERLANCDTI PID,
Gobierno Vasco – Innotek
Gestor analítico de subprocesos de fundición de hierro2010-Gobierno Vasco – Innotek
SIMO - Nuevas carcasas para máquinas compresoras en fundición grafítica esferoidal calidad2012 – 2013IK4-AZTERLANGobierno Vasco – Gaitek
ALEHIBRI - Nuevas aleaciones metálicas híbridas reforzadas con microelementos con transición dúctil-frágil a temperaturas extremas subcero .2012 - 2013IK4-AZTERLANGobierno Vasco – Etorgai
Desarrollo e implantación de nuevas líneas de actuación para la mejora general del proceso productivo de Fundiciones Garbi2012-2013-CDTI – Línea Banca
LOWTEMP - Nuevo módulo de fundición de hierro para turbinas offshore con peso reducido y excelentes propiedades a temperaturas extremas subcero2013 -2014IK4-AZTERLANCDTI PID,
Gobierno Vasco – Gaitek
PRINT2 - Nueva Plataforma para Monitorización y Control Predictivo Inteligente en la Industria2013 – 2015Fundación Deusto,
Gobierno Vasco – Etorgai
NEWCALIP - Nueva generación de mordazas de freno para el sector eólico con maquinabilidad óptima2014Fundación Deusto,
Gobierno Vasco – Gaitek
NOTT - Nuevas carcasas de reductora para el sector del ferrocarril libres de tensiones residuales sin necesidad de aplicar tratamientos térmicos2014 - 2015Fundación Deusto,
SGP - Integración de tecnologías de auto-gobierno en procesos inteligentes de fabricación2015 – 2016Fundación Deusto,
Gobierno Vasco – Basque
Industry 4.0 (pte. resolución)
IPRO - Control de procesos de fabricación inteligente en fundición2010 – 2013Fundación Deusto,
C.E. - Eurostars

Univ. Deusto